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If you come home to discover that there is oil in your Indianapolis house then you had better hope that means you have hit the motherload and underneath your land lays that black gold which will make you wealthy beyond your wildest dreams, starting a whole new way of living for you and your family. If for some reason this is not the type of oil you come home to and it winds up being an oil stain in your carpet, that good mood from thinking you were going to be rich will have turned south and you can expect to deal with one of the toughest stains around.

Oil is very difficult to remove and while we will discuss a process for trying to remove it, it is much better to let an experienced residential carpet cleaning company in Indianapolis confront this problem, as any streaking or spreading of this will only make matters worse.

Oil is also a huge magnet for dirt, as you can see if you look on your driveways oil stains, trapping the dirt, soil and other debris in its sticky web and not allowing to be released, so you can imagine how this will affect your carpeting and its fibers. One of the toughest aspects of an oil stain on carpeting is that while you are cleaning it you do not want to send that oil deeper into your padding and cushioning. It is not mold or mildew you have to worry about with this, it is all the particles it will be attracting and pulling in making a larger more inconvenient mess.

A home is not the normal place for oil to be and there are measures to take to ensure this but while rules such as no shoes in the house, no working on cars in the house, no opening any kinds of oil over the carpeting and the like are effective to an extent, once it gets in you must take care of this problem at all costs.

First of all, if you are in need of a speedy remedy and you have no spot cleaner you can use an acetone based product such as nail polish remover. Make sure that the fabric of your carpet is not acetate, this will result in permanent damage and dissolve your carpeting's fibers.

If you do have a spot remover but you have the time to buy one from your local Indianapolis store this will help to dissolve the stain you have.

First you want to blot at the stain with a paper towel, only use white paper towels and not your cloth towels as this will ruin them for future use. Next apply the spot remover or the polish remover. As the solution you are using is working the stain you want to move it out and away from the carpeting otherwise it remains and goes deeper into your carpeting.

Anytime you clean with chemicals be sure to wear protective gloves and work in well ventilated areas for your safety. When you see that this is quite a job ahead of you never let yourself worry too much as there is always a skilled Indianapolis carpet cleaning company that can assist you with this and they will be happy to remove the oil from your carpeting for you.

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